Malaysian's Best English Artistes

This is the tribute video to Malaysian's English Singers/Bands.. I'm NOT ranked them all as I do believe each and every singers here are deserved to be the number 1.. They are all the best, indeed! Malaysia has a lot more talent like this but these singers are the best in their own genre.. Some of these singers are already known internationally, such as Che'nelle who is based in Australia, Yuna, Shayna Zaid and Zee Avi who are based in USA and not to forget, Pop Shuvit who penetrates Japan with their fantastic music..

Amazingly, other singers in this video have also won numerous awards nationally and internationally, plus having duet with some renowned international artistes such as Warren G, Colby O Donnis, Ron E Jones, Guy Sebastian (who is a Malaysian as well and has won Australian Idol), Florida, Pharrel William etc.. Zee Avi and Yuna for instant are the only two Malaysian's singers who has been featured in Billboard and their album has been in the list of Billboard Top 100 and Billboard Heatseekers Chart respectively.. They are indeed the Malaysian's Pride..

Here is the full list of these singers/bands:
* Bittersweet
* Bunkface
* Butterfingers
* Che'nelle
* Estrella
* Jason Lo
* Mizz Nina
* Nadhira
* Najwa Mahiaddin
* Pop Shuvit
* Reshmonu
* Shayna Zaid
* Too Phat

* Zee Avi

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